YouNeek Studios, the Maryland-based graphic novel and animation company, has announced today that their hit graphic novel series, Malika: Warrior Queen, will be part of Diamond Comic Distributors Free Comic Book Day for May 2018. This time, as a one-shot titled Malika: Creed & Fury. After making history by appearing in last year’s FCBD event, copies were also available at this year’s Lagos Comic-Con.

Roye Okupe, Writer/Creator of Malika, said: “While E.X.O. remains our flagship title, it is clear that Malika is quickly becoming a fan-favorite. The Malika series is one that’s very dear to my heart because while it’s an epic fantasy story, it pulls a lot from African history. To be able to write a compelling story that not only entertains people but educates them about where I’m from is a huge blessing.”

Okupe added that with the Malika: Creed & Fury one-shot, fans who visit their comic book shops to grab free comics during FCBD are in for a treat. “Not only does this embody the epic fantasy fans have become accustomed to with Malika, but they also get to see her paired with another one of our amazing female superheroes, Fury. Seeing them both on the cover of the book should be enough to spark intrigue” Okupe said.

A synopsis for Malika: Creed & Fury reads: Following a 500-year absence, Malika mysteriously appears and is on the brink of yet another war. And this time, she has enemies she cannot predict, allies she refuses to trust and a world she cannot understand. The enemy is the Creed, a growing domestic terrorist group responsible for a devastating attack on Malika’s former home. The ally is Fury, a masked speedster who knows more about Malika than she’s comfortable with. And the world is 2024 Abuja, Nigeria. Removed 500 years from the time she remembers, can Malika find the courage to use her newfound power to save the descendants of her former people? Or will she allow her rage to consume and transform her into something else?